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Welcome to the official uhlsport goalkeeper online shop. We know you love soccer, you are a goalkeeper at heart, you excercise hard, you are an important part of your team, you love winning soccer matches on the weekends. Sometimes the challenges are bigger, sometimes smaller, but what unites you and your team as well as your opponents is your love for soccer – and for goalkeeping. The best goalkeepers in the world share your passion. And some of these professional soccer goalkeepers share something else with you: their goalkeeping brand. uhlsport was one of the first companies ever to develop goalkeeping equipment for soccer goalkeepers.

Our goalkeeper equipment patents and numerous innovations have turned mundane gloves into technical masterpieces. uhlsport goalkeeper gloves like the ones we offer in the uhlsport goalkeeper shop are worn all over the world. On every type of surface, at every level of the soccer game. From the lowest amateur league to the Champions League. From recreational kicks to the World Cup: uhlsport goalkeeper gloves are everywhere and now also available in our goalkeeper shop.

The most important elements of goalkeeper equipment

Goalkeeper gloves are the most important components of any goalkeepers equipment. You can buy a large variety of different goalkeeper gloves for women, men and kids for a lot of different purposes in the goalkeeper online store directly from the manufacturer uhlsport. But you need more than goalkeeper gloves. As a goalkeeper you need the right goalkeeper clothing. Goalkeeper jerseys and goalkeeper pants, specifically designed with goalkeepers in mind. Because goalkeepers have different clothing requirements than field players in the match. The goalkeeper is exposed to hard shots, has to jump, needs to react abruptly, he falls a lot. He simply has much more ground contact than a field player has.

Our goalkeeper store is a result of experience

That's why we pay attention to these critical zones in our goalkeeper equipment and therefore also in our uhlsport goalkeeper store: Knee, elbow and hip. The result of decades of experience in developing goalkeeper clothing can be found here, in our goalkeeper store. So if you want to buy goalkeeper clothing online, you will find a wide selection of goalkeeper jerseys, complete sets of baselayers, long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts, plus long and short uhlsport goalkeeper pants and of course protective clothing of padded shirts and shorts, elbow and knee pads.

Design and functionality – uhlsport goalkeeper clothing in perfection

The advantage of shopping like the pros: in the uhlsport store for goalkeepers, everything comes from a single source. We attach great importance to the fact that your goalkeeper equipment is not only functional, but also visually meeting your expectations. That's why our goalkeeper apparel at uhlsport goalkeeper store complements our top gloves. Or it is designed so that it resembles the player jerseys.

Buy goalkeeper clothing online – it starts with the goalkeeper gloves.

Our gloves start from 17,99 € and in our Goalkeeper Sale you will always find good deals on goalkeeper equipment. Our range includes, for example, goalkeeper gloves for kids like the RADAR CONTROL STARTER SOFT, but also all-rounders like the COMFORT ABSOLUTGRIP and uhlsport top products like the SUPERGRIP REFLEX. By the way: In the uhlsport goalkeeper store you can have your goalkeeper gloves personalized!